National Technical Installations and Maintenance

National Technical Installations & Maintenance

National Technical Installations & Maintenance

VUSELA RISK SERVICES developed the first ever CCTV streaming with a Vodacom 3G SIM card to a remote site – 2006.

Development of advanced tactical vehicles – 2007.

The monitoring and management of the vehicle from our NOC has become a valuable feature of our service. The design, modification and maintenance of these vehicles have been an integral part of our technical operation – 2008.

VUSELA RISK SERVICES designed and developed a “Remote Management System” for ATM’s – 2010.

Establishment of a SAIDSA approved world-class National Operations Centre which is ISO accredited – 2011.

VUSELA RISK SERVICES employ permanent technical teams on a National basis providing alarm, CCTV and maintenance services to banking and corporate Clients.

Our installations include the survey, system design, sourcing of specialised products and project management up to the point of commissioning.

  • Telemetry
  • CCTV/Alarms/Access Control
  • Remote System Programming
  • System Design
  • System Integration
  • Maintenance
  • Hardware Testing
  • Installations & Servicing


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