VIP Services

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VIP Services

VUSELA Close Protection Services (CPS) is a division of VUSELA RISK SERVICES that facilitates the provision of small protective teams; ideal for low profile protection of businessmen and other principles.

We pride ourselves on a level of performance that is second to none and ensures the ultimate satisfaction of our clients. This service is for the protection of high-ranking executives and their families.

A full risk assessment of the executive is conducted prior to the provision of this service. This includes risk minimisation and counter-measure strategies, customised to each individual situation.

The protection of individuals, their families and their assets, demands highly specialised skills. But even the best skills are insufficient without the backing of a comprehensive protection services program.

Responsibilities of a VUSELA Close Protection Services Officer (CPS) includes:

  • Ensure the Physical Safety and Well-Being of the VIP
  • Continuously Assess Potential Threats and Risks to the VIP’s Safety
  • Conduct Advanced Reconnaissance & Planning for Locations the VIP will Visit
  • Provide Security During the VIP’s Transportation
  • Develop & Implement Emergency Response Plans
  • Conduct Discreet Surveillance to Identify Potential Threats or Suspicious Activities
  • Verify the Identity of Individuals Seeking contact with the VIP
  • Possess the Skills & Training to use Firearms & Defensive Tactics if Required
  • Employ Protective Measures to Mitigate Potential Threats
  • Remains Informed About Current Events & Intelligence Relevant to the VIP’s Security
  • Identify Potential Security Vulnerabilities & Develop Strategies to Address Them
  • Plan & Secure Travel Routes to Minimize Risks
  • Responds Quickly & Effectively to Security Incidents or Emergencies
  • Control & Monitor Access to the VIP Especially in Public or Crowded Settings
  • Ensure the VIP’s Safety in Crowded or High-Profile Events
  • Address Any Security Concerns or Preferences Expressed by the VIP


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