Crowd Control

Crowd Control

Crowd Control

VUSELA RISK SERVICES is a provider of well-screened, trained, and managed strike force personnel who are responsive in critical situations and dedicated to protecting people and property during labour strikes, community uprisings, protests and coordinated threats.

As seasoned security professionals, our carefully-recruited officers have the unique skills and professional philosophy required for the level of strike security and crowd management demanded by the industry.

Our Services Include:

  • Crowd Management (Riot control / labour unrest)
  • Armoured Vehicles
  • Reaction Unit – onsite
  • High-Level Patrols

Responsibilities of a VUSELA RISK SERVICES Crowd Control Officer Include:

  • Conduct Thorough Pre-Event Assessments to Anticipate Potential Crowd Dynamics, Assess the Risk Level, & Determine the Appropriate Level of Security Personnel Needed
  • Establish Effective Communication Channels Among Security Personnel, Law Enforcement Agencies, Event Organizers & Other Relevant Stakeholders to Ensure Coordinated Efforts
  • Continuously Monitor the Crowd for Signs of Agitation, Aggression or Other Behaviors that May Indicate Potential Issues
  • Employ Non-Lethal Force Options, Such as Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets or Water Cannons, When Necessary & in Accordance with Established Protocols & Legal Guidelines
  • Document All Incidents, Including the Use of Force, Arrests & Injuries. Maintain Comprehensive Records for Post-Event Analysis & Legal Purposes
  • Evaluate Potential Risk Factors, Including the Size & Demographics of the Crowd, Historical Incidents, & the Nature of the Event
  • Personnel Have Access to Appropriate Riot Control Equipment, Including Protective Gear, Shields, Batons & Non-Lethal Weapons
  • Use Loudspeakers or Communication Devices to Convey Instructions to the Crowd, Such as Dispersal Orders or Safety Information
  • Execute Arrest Procedures for Individuals Engaging in Unlawful Activities, Ensuring Proper Identification, Documentation & Processing


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