Manned Security Services

Manned Security Services

Manned Security Services

We employ professionally trained and vetted Security Officers who not only guard our Clients’ premises, but portray a professional image aligned with Vusela’s standards.

The National Operations Centre warrants that the guarding services are tracked, monitored and that the necessary support is given to security officers.

VUSELA RISK SERVICES will also consider taking over security officers from an existing security service provider, to reduce unemployment, on condition that they pass our vetting Procedure, as described below.

VUSELA personnel are screened and rigorously vetted to ensure that they have no criminal records, are of good moral standing, meet the required academic qualifications and have the necessary capabilities for the job and specific site of deployment.

Responsibilities of a VUSELA RISK SERVICES Security Guard Include:

  • Conduct Regular Patrols to Monitor & Observe the Premises
  • Provide Assistance & Information to Visitors & Employees
  • Document & Report any Incidents, Disturbances or Suspicious Activities
  • Documenting & Reporting on Changes in the Sites Risk Profile
  • Prevent Disorderly Conduct & Ensure a Safe Environment
  • Provide Basic First Aid in Case of Injuries or Medical Emergencies
  • Mediate Conflicts & Disturbances to Prevent Escalation
  • Active Deterrence Against Criminal Activity
  • Control & Monitor Access Points, Ensuring that only Authorized Individuals Enter the Premises
  • Respond to Emergencies Including Fires, Medical Incidents or Security Breaches
  • Maintain Effective Communication with Other Security Personnel, Management & Relevant Authorities
  • Manage & Control Crowds During Events or Busy Periods
  • Enforce Company Policies, Rules & Regulations
  • Inspections on Risk Mitigating Equipment
  • Inspect & Secure Vehicles in Parking Areas
  • Act as a Checkpoint for Equipment Delivered or Dispatched from Site


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