Armed Escorts

Armed Escorts for High Value Cargo

Armed Escorts

Armed Escort Services involve the provision of trained and armed security personnel to accompany and protect individuals, assets, or valuable cargo during transportation. These services are designed to ensure the safety and security of the client, especially in situations where there is a perceived or potential threat.

Responsibilities of VUSELA RISK SERVICES Armed Escort Services:

  • Conduct a Thorough Security Assessment to Identify Potential Risks & Threats Associated with the Transportation Route & the Nature of the Cargo or Individuals Being Escorted
  • Develop Customized Security Plans Based on the Specific Needs & Vulnerabilities of the Client. This Includes Consideration of the Type of Escort Required, the Level of Threat & the Characteristics of the Cargo or Individuals
  • Plan Secure Transportation Routes, Considering Factors Such as Traffic Patterns, Potential Chokepoints & High-Risk Areas. Regularly Update Route Plans to Minimize Risks
  • Conduct Comprehensive Briefings with Clients Before Each Escort Operation. Ensure that Clients are Aware of Security Protocols, Emergency Procedures & Any Specific Instructions
  • Conduct Thorough Evaluations After Each Armed Escort Operation to Identify Areas for Improvement & Implement Corrective Measures as Necessary
  • Establish Effective Communication Channels Between the Armed Escort Team, the Client & Any Relevant Authorities. Ensure Seamless Coordination to Respond Quickly to Changing Circumstances
  • Develop & Implement Crisis Management Plans, Including Emergency Response Procedures
  • Continuously Monitor for Potential Threats During Transit. Employ Surveillance Technology & Threat Intelligence to Stay Informed About the Security Landscape
  • Remain Adaptable & Flexible in Response to Changing Circumstances


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